The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) has warned motorists against driving unregistered vehicles, which face being impounded.The police say unregistered vehicles were being used to commit crimes such as robberies, murder, kidnapping and rape.Of late, there has been an increase in robberies and muggings, all involving unregistered vehicles.

“The Zimbabwe Republic Police therefore, reiterates that all vehicles not displaying permanent number plates should be parked while awaiting the necessary registration process. It is a fact that Police investigations have shown that vehicles with no registration plates are being used to commit robbery, murder, rape, kidnapping, unlawful entry as well as hit and run road traffic accidents in the country,” the police said in a statement.

ZRP said failure to officially change vehicle ownership within the prescribed 14 days was a crime as registration was the only way vehicle ownership was determined.

“The public is also strongly urged to change ownership of vehicles they purchase from local people within 14 days as prescribed, as failure to do so is an offence. It becomes difficult for police to identify current owners of vehicles through number plates when ownership of a particular vehicle is not up to date,” police said.

Since the onset of the operation at the weekend, a total of 5 841 motorists have been arrested.

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