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Premium Quality of Veggies and Fruit

In 2016

We negotiated for a 30 hectare piece of land. We began our operation in earnest including land clearing. Our goal was to do a couple of hectares of maize and startup the piggery and the fish ponds. Our plan was to rehabilitate the irrigation system to ensure water availability all year round for market gardening purposes. We spent the whole of 2017 working on land preparation, but had to leave the land to some unforeseen and unfortunate circumstances setting our progress backwards.  But its not about how hard you fall but how like a phoenix you rise from the ashes.

In 2018

In February 2018, we moved to our current location. A majestic 282 Hectare farm. We once again began our project in earnest and resuscitated the farm. Its still work in progress but we are very optimistic that we will achieve our goals and yield targets by end of year.

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